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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Arnoud ★★★★

    Amsterdam Apr 02, 2021 Cowboy 1

    My cowboy 1+ rides great. The sitting position is sporty, but I was used to that already. The motor support is good and agile (quickly reacts), you quickly reach the 25km/h limit and then the support 'seems' to stop which is 'annoying' at first but you adapt to it (haven't tried the off road mode yet). It still feels like cycling but with some support, strong head wind wasn't a problem, neither were small 'hills'. I wonder how an e-bike with more than 1 gear would feel? The only real disappointment was when the battery was almost empty and support stopped or behaved erratically and then you could feel the resistance of the motor which was much more than I had anticipated. So better be careful with keeping the battery charged properly. Also the range did seem about 50km (instead of 70km, but that is a max), maybe because of the strong wind and first time charging (calibration)? I haven't had any issues further yet. For the price it was a very deal, I added some fenders, kickstand and locks. The only thing worrying for the future would be how long will cowboy support the parts of the bike (like the non-gates non-standard belt)? Also it would be good if cowboy would show all the available parts and prices on their website. Of course I could contact support, but why not publish it on the website? (Or is it already somewhere a bit more hidden on the website?) Also delivery was about 3 months faster than indicated, it was delivered in 4 days, which was very good of course :-)

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