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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Francesc ★★★★★

    Tarragona Apr 04, 2021 Cowboy 3

    The bike has an elegant and simple design far from all e-bikes I knew. I'm really proud of having bougth this commuter e-bike. I'd been cycling for more than 15y with a normal bike but now I needed an e-bike due to a pain in my leg. So, I decided to look for an e-bike. None of the models that I saw on the web convinced me till I found Cowboy bike. It was really what I was looking for: simple, elegant, all elements integrated in one and for everyday use. The only things that I miss are the front suspension and the gear change in some cases. Despite of these lacks, I highly recommend as a commuter e-bike.

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