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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Lukasz ★★★★

    Barsinghausen Oct 03, 2020 Cowboy 3

    The frame is beautiful, well made and makes a high quality impression. The same goes for the fork, the handlebar and the seat post. The saddle is reasonably comfortable, but it's a matter of taste. The lights work and look great as they are built into the frame. The front white light has a somewhat weak illuminating power. You don't see much at night. It's a shame that the light does not conform to the StVO and is not permitted in Germany. The brakes work very well, but often rub against the brake disc when you let go of the brake lever. The pedals are rather inferior and one of the ball bearings broke after 100 km. The battery manages about 50-65 km. The specified 70km range is a bit exaggerated in my opinion. The rims are cheap products. The wheels arrived very badly centered. The rear wheel had an eight in it. The drive motor does what it should, but is not particularly strong. For driving in the city without major climbs, it is completely sufficient. The rear hub screw is too short if you want to mount the optional mudguards. The nuts are only half on and you don't have a safe feeling when driving. On the whole, the bike is just okay. Visually it looks great 10/10. Technically the bike is okay, but leaves a few wishes open 7/10. The contact to support via the app is average 5/10. The team often takes its time with their answers or solutions. Sometimes several hours, sometimes even several days. Too bad.

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