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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Michael ★★★★

    Vienna Oct 01, 2020 Cowboy 3

    I ride the bike for every commute around Vienna and most of the time I forget that I have a pedelec. The assistant works perfectly until 26km/h. If I want to go over 26 km/h the motor is actively holding me back. If I turn the assistant off going 30km/h is no problem. Cowboy is working on the issue I was told. The range for me with one charge is mostly between 80 and 90 km. Which is very good. Also going uphill is no hassle at all. The App is clean an functional. However the unlock function does not always work perfectly. I have to force stop the App and then start it again. It's a bit annoying but can be fixed with an update. One function I would like to have is a km count which resets after every recharge. The bike is completely silent except the breaks. Even after cleaning, sandpapering and breaking in they still squeak. I have to change them next spring. The build quality so far seems very good. I will see how it holds up over time. After 300km there is no rattling or creaking. I made no upgrades. The bike is good as it is. Going over bumps or riding on paving stones is no problem for me. I do not regret paying 2300€ for the Cowboy. They could improve the breaks. Otherwise it is perfect. Everything else can be fixed with software updates.

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