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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Rob ★★★★★

    Veghel Jul 16, 2021 Cowboy 1

    The bike is a nice ride, but so far I had too many issues to really enjoy it. First of all, the speedometer didn't work. After contacting support, who are very helpful and skilled, we tried a number of fixes, and finally the sent a new rear wheel to fix the issue. After some delivery issues (caused by UPS, not Cowboy), I finally replaced the wheel, inflated the tire, and found out it was leaking. So after replacing the inner tire, I finally was ready to test the bike, and the problem was still there, no speedometer, so no distance travelled, and not possible to set the auto shutdown time. Still the bike is a nice ride, so did some kilometers. Support again was helpful, this time they will send an expert. In the meantime, next day wanted to go for a spin again, and again the rear tire was flat (and yes, I checked the outer tire before replacing the inner tire). In summary, it's a nice ride, it looks good, support is good, but inspection before delivery needs to be better, as this is becoming a very disappointing experience.

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