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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Roman ★★★★

    Schleife Nov 14, 2019 Cowboy 2

    Great bike for young people willing to still use there own muscle power. The bike is lite and sporty. There are no gimmicks like mudguards, carriers or displays. The engine is not very strong – so if the bike is used in mountainous regions, you will need much more of your own power compared to "normal" eBikes. Pros: 1. the seamless support of the motor (best ever!) 2. The minimal weight 3. The Design an of course the price 4. the effective range of 70km is realistic when the area is flat Cons: The most disturbing thing are IMHO the tires. They are loud, hard and I had a punctation after just one week by a really small piece of glass. I changed for the "Schwalbe Marathon Supreme" tires. They look very much the same and are realy quit, softer and have a good protection. They are a few grams heavier than the "Panaracer" but I prefer to come home rather than save a few ounces. At the first look, the bike seems to be of very high quality - no welding seams, no rattling...The second look shows some minor imperfections. 1. The Brake-Levers are very simple and (compared to my normal Bike) a little shaky. 2. there are no cable grommet seals for the brake tubes in the frame so water may penetrate the inner frame when it's raining. 3. there is a little (easy removable) paper sticker with the frame-no at the bottom bracket bearing but no punched hallmark but that's what my insurance wants What did I miss? 1. A bike that is controlled and featured with the phone should have an USB-Connector to reload the device. 2. the possibility to order the Bike with other tires and with additional equipment (carrier, mudguards, Lights,...) 3. The app should show the distance since the last recharge 4. Insurance for Germany I would buy the bike again but would not recommend it for older or somehow handicapped people.

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