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Cowboy e-bike translation missing:

translation missing:

  • Rudolphe ★★★★

    Fulham May 06, 2021 Cowboy 3

    First of all, Cowboy 3 is a great bike. The design stands apart from the competition and the quality of the components is exceptional. Everything just works and is so simple. The removable battery is a big plus. I live in London and it’s the perfect bike for it. I have it for 3 weeks now. Having a website dedicated to useful accessories and tips has been a huge help. Most importantly, riding feels great. I rated it 4 instead of 5 stars (but close to 5 stars) because of the following improvement areas: 1) the bike struggles a bit going uphill, and I’m talking tiny tiny hills, considering that London is mostly flat. And it’s disadvantageous compared to regular bikes because the there’s no chance to shift to a lighter gear. 2) I’m 1,90m and the bike feels a bit small for me. Mainly because the seat is too high for the handlebar which makes the riding position not very comfortable. I’ll have to buy an accessory to raise the handlebar.

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