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We'll ride the Cowboy bike of your choice to any place within the covered area. Drop by our brand store for a spin out on the streets with the Cowboy bike of your choice.

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Book a free test ride

Cowboy Test Rides

We'll come to you

1  Find a break in your day

Fits your schedule anytime, any day

  • Pick your own location
  • Choose among the Classic or Cruiser ST
  • Find a date and time that works for you

2  Meet a test rider

Local experts in your city

  • Greets you at your location
  • Brings you the model of your choice
  • Flexible if you need to reschedule

3  Experience it first hand

Ready for you to try it yourself

  • Learn all about Cowboy bikes
  • Mount on and feel the difference
  • Ask any question you might have

The defining features of a Cowboy deserve a closer look, and the ride feeling is unlike anything you've ever tried. Get ready to experience it yourself.

Connect up

Feel the power

Don't miss out on trying the Cowboy experience, and soon enough it'll be yours.

Book a free test ride

Try the bike, get the cap

Want to try a Cowboy bike? We'll cap that. Get a free Cowboy cap when you book a free test ride before 29/02/2024.

Offer ends 29/02/2024. Terms apply.
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