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Cowboy Care

Keep your bike in perfect shape and riding smooth with Cowboy Care — maintenance at your door with our Cowboy-trained technicians.

We come to you

Expert service is delivered to you by our highly-rated Cowboy Mobile Service team. If you're in need of servicing, an experienced technician comes to your place to get you fixed up in no time.

Just book an appointment for the time and place that best suits you via the Cowboy app, and soon enough we'll be our way to you.

Now available in 14 cities and expanding rapidly across Europe.

Cowboy Care What's

At Cowboy, we keep things simple. Sign up, then whenever your bike requires servicing or a tune up, we'll be there. No need to hassle or haggle, almost everything you'll need is included.

Bike Maintenance
  • Frame cleaning
  • Belt cleaning
  • Brake & disc pad cleaning
  • Belt tightening
  • Bolts and screws tightening
  • Tire pressure check
  • Full bike check-up
Parts replacement
  • Brake pads replacement
  • Tire replacement
  • Inner tube replacement
More benefits
  • Unlimited on-demand bookings
  • Servicing at your address of choice
  • Cost of spare parts included
  • Free duplicate battery key in case of loss

How it works

Whenever you need an assist with your bike, you can book an appointment or talk to us through the Cowboy app.

Choose any type of maintenance or a simple tire puncture fix, then follow the instructions to finalise your appointment. You'll be greeted by a technician to answer any questions you might have beforehand.

To subscribe to Cowboy Care, follow the instructions in the Cowboy App.

Find us nearby

We're now in 14 cities, and expanding rapidly across Europe. If you don't see your area covered yet, let us know and we'll put it on the waiting list.

Can't locate a technician near you?


Here are some frequently asked questions about the service plan details and how it works.

Where is Cowboy Care available?

Cowboy Care is available in the following European cities and countries: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht (Netherlands), Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich (Germany), Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent (Belgium), Paris (France), and London (United Kingdom).

How do I book an appointment?

You can easily book an appointment via the Cowboy app. Navigate to the Help section and select "Book a service". You'll be able to select a Maintenance service or fast track to a Tire puncture fix. For a Repair service, you'll be connected to our Customer Service team to diagnose the issue and book your appointment with a technician from the Cowboy Mobile Service team.

What spare parts are included in the subscription plan?

Cowboy Care covers the cost of spare parts for brake pads, inner tubes, tires and battery key in case of loss

What is not covered by Cowboy Care?

Cowboy Care doesn't include under warranty repairs or out-of-warranty services including but not limited to mechanical issues, electronical issues, paint retouches or repairs to the bike frame and rust. The service doesn't cover installation of 3rd party accessories nor repairs guaranteed by your bike warranty as described in Section 8 of the General Terms & Conditions.

What is the difference between Cowboy Care and Cowboy Mobile Service?

Cowboy Care is our on demand service for maintenance and tire puncture fixes. You can book these services yourself directly via the app.

The Cowboy Mobile Service team takes care of any mechanical issues after a first remote diagnostic test from our Customer Service team. This includes under-warranty repairs and out-of-warranty servicing. Get in touch with our Customer Service team to book an appointment.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by contacting our Customer Service team via the chat or by emailing us at You will be able to click on your Cowboy Care plan and cancel. The service will remain active until the end of your 12 months subscription period.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Maintenance Service Plan. At any point after purchasing your Cowboy bike, you may purchase and subscribe to the Cowboy Care - Maintenance Service Plan (“Maintenance Service Plan”), which covers maintenance caused by normal wear and tear of your bike as described in more detail below. The Maintenance Service Plan does not cover damage to your Cowboy bike related to crashes or theft, or damage to your bike caused by you or others. By subscribing to this service, you may book unlimited service appointments in any given month. These Terms and Conditions apply to Maintenance Service Plan purchasers.
  2. Services Included in or Excluded from the Maintenance Service Plan. For the duration of the Maintenance Service Plan, Cowboy will carry out the following maintenance services to the extent that such work is required as a result of normal wear and tear through normal use of the bike: (1) frame cleaning, (2) belt cleaning to, among other things, eliminate any noise, (3) brake and disc pad cleaning, (4) belt tightening, (5) bolts and screws tightening, (6) tire pressure checks, and (7) a full bike check-up at any time. The Maintenance Service Plan also covers normal wear and tear repair services on the following parts and, when needing replacement due to normal wear and tear, the costs of these parts: (1) brake pads, and (2) tires and (3) inner tubes. The Maintenance Service Plan provides for repair of, and when appropriate replacement of parts with, official Cowboy parts only. The cost or repair of different parts (such as tires) made or sold by other companies will be at the expense of the subscriber. The Maintenance Service Plan also includes a duplicate battery key in the event your battery key is lost. Cowboy's repair services providers reserve the right to determine which parts need to be repaired or replaced during a service appointment. The Maintenance Service Plan does not include certain services, such as but not limited to repairs due to crashes or theft, electronics issues or repairs, repairs to the bike frame, rust, or repairs of any damage caused by you or a third party. The Maintenance Service Plan also does not include repairs that are otherwise covered by the warranty as set out in Section 8 of the General Terms Conditions or the installation of third-party accessories.
  3. Booking An Appointment. You book a maintenance appointment via the Cowboy App and select the desired date and place of the maintenance appointment. One of Cowboy's expert technicians from Cowboy Mobile Service will travel to your address of choice with all the tools and spare parts needed to complete the maintenance.
  4. Assignment, Use, and Continuance of Plan. You may not allow anyone else to use services provided by the Maintenance Service Plan, and you may not assign any right you have under the Maintenance Service Plan to anyone else. Cowboy may permanently or temporarily terminate, suspend, or otherwise refuse to provide Maintenance Service Plan services to you for good cause, including if Cowboy determines that you violated any provision of these Terms and Conditions or if you misuse the services, the Cowboy bike, or any other product. In such case, Cowboy will promptly provide notice of suspension or termination to you.
  5. Subscriptions. The Maintenance Service Plan is a one-year subscription, and you are billed annually. The subscription will be automatically renewed for successive one-year periods except if you terminate it by sending a termination notice by e-mail not later than 3 days before the anniversary date of the subscription. The Maintenance Service Plan is available in the following locations: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht (Netherlands), Berlin, Hamburg, Munchen, Koln, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt (Germany), Brussels, Gent, Antwerp (Belgium), Paris (France), and London (United Kingdom). Provided you have not yet benefited from the services, you may cancel your subscription within 14 days following your enrollment in the Maintenance Service Plan by notifying Cowboy in writing by email.

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